Streets of Rage 2 [Model 1054]

The Sega Genesis Game by SEGA Enterprises, Ltd.

Streets of Rage 2 [Model 1054] screenshot

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[CONSOLE] Sega Genesis Game

Streets of Rage 2 © 1992 Sega Enterprises, Limited.

North American release.


Game ID: 1054
Package ID: 670-2484
Cartridge ID: 670-2483


Outside of North America, the Roman numeral is used in the printed title.

This game is known in Japan as "Bare Knuckle II - Shitouhe no Chingonka [Model G-4091]".


usa Sega Dreamcast (jan.31, 2001) "Sega Smash Pack Vol. 1 [Model 51146]"
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] usa (may.21, 2007) [Model MA6E]
Microsoft XBOX 360 [XBLA] usa (aug.29, 2007) "Streets of Rage 2"
Microsoft XBOX 360 usa (feb.10, 2009) "Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection [Model 68034]"
Sony PlayStation 3 usa (feb.10, 2009) "Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection [Model BLUS-30259]"
Sony PlayStation 3 [PSN] usa (june.28, 2011)
Microsoft XBOX 360 [XBLA] usa (may.30, 2012) "Sega Vintage Collection - Streets of Rage"

PC [Steam] usa (jan.26, 2011) "Streets of Rage 2 [Model 71165]" : both stand-alone and as part of "SEGA Genesis Classics Pack 4"
PC [MS Windows, DVD-ROM] usa (mar.15, 2011) "Sega Genesis Classic Collection - Gold Edition"
PC [Steam] usa (mar.25, 2011) "SEGA Genesis Classics Collection"

Apple iPhone/iPad usa (apr.14, 2011) "Streets of Rage 2 [Model 425567844]"

Game's ROM.

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