Street Racing Stars [Model STD-1]

A 8-year-old Arcade Video Game by Injoy Motion

Street Racing Stars [Model STD-1] screenshot

Not emulated in MAME


Street Racing Stars © 2010 Injoy Motion Corp.

Hot cars and cool girls, roaring turbo engines and smoke from underneath of sporting tires, custom paintwork and aerodynamic body kits, wheel-spin starts and reckless speeds - that is the street racing!
Game features:
- 18 recognized sport cars
- 15 exciting tracks
- 3 levels, 5 leagues: Street League, Pro League, Sport League, Master League, Champion League)
- Nitro feature
- Linkable up to 4 machines


Street Racing Stars [Model STD-1] the Arcade Video Game
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[Model STD-1]

Dimensions :
Height: 81", Width: 42", Depth: 74", Weight: 995 Lbs

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