Street Fighter Zero [Model T-1206G]

A 22-year-old Sega Saturn Game by Capcom

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Street Fighter Zero © 1996 Capcom Company, Limited.

Dare To Walk On The Dangerous Side Of The Street.

Intense. Brutal. Combat. The world has never encountered such a powerful collection of fighters. Until now... The most devastating Street Fighters of all time assemble to battle armed with an arsenal of new martial arts moves, super combos and deadly secrets, the legendary competitors Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken and Sagat collide with a lethal new combination of fierce opponents, Adon, Sodom, Birdie and Guy show they play for keeps when they battle on the street. The new contenders Rose and Nash annihilate opponents in the most extreme one-on-one warfare ever!!

Features 13 fierce Street Fighters in all with new special attacks, super combos and counterattacks and a new mix of classic and intense new competitors, Street Fighter Zero is a precise translation of the #1 smash arcade hit with fantastic, next generation speed and control and all-new eye popping art, animation and blasting sound effects. 2 modes of play: Arcade (1 player) and Versus mode (2 players) and the new Training mode for practicing multi-hit combos and strategies.


Game ID: T-1206G


Street Fighter Zero for Saturn was released on January 26, 1996 in Japan.

Features an arranged soundtrack, with the player having a choice between Remix mode music, or the Original arcade versions.

One of the first console Street Fighter ports to feature a Training mode to practice moves and combos against an immobile character.


The game has three characters who are not part of the immediate roster of playable characters: Gouki, Vega, and Dan. These characters can be played as through codes performed on the character select screen, but they can also be permanently unlocked, as described below:

Set the Difficulty level to 5 stars or higher. Play in Arcade Mode as any character except Gouki. Select them with any Punch button if you are Player 1, or any Kick button if you are Player 2. Before reaching your final boss, don't lose any rounds, get at least 10 Super Combo finishes and earn at least 3 Perfects. Gouki will then appear and defeat your boss. Defeat him and then save your game to store him to memory. If you lose to Gouki, he will disappear and you will have to try again.

Complete Arcade Mode on the highest Difficulty setting (8 stars) with a character that faces Vega as their boss. These are Nash, Chun-Li, Birdie, Guy, Rose and Gouki.

Play Arcade Mode on Difficulty level 6 or higher as any character except Dan and don't lose any rounds. Hold Down and all three Punch or Kick buttons at the end of a match to select your win quote, repeat this 5 times and Dan challenges you at the 6th match. Defeat Dan, then proceed as normal until you beat the game, and then save to permanently unlock Dan.

To unlock the Team Mode, you must first defeat Vega after entering the code. To play in Team Mode, select Arcade Mode and have a second player join in. Player 1 is highlighting Ryu and Player 2 Ken. Both players hold the L shoulder button and press Up twice, then they release L and press Up twice again. Player 1 selects Ryu with LP and Player 2 selects Ken with HP. Select Manual if Manual/Auto is turned ON and any game speed and Ryu and Ken will move to Gouki's stage to challenge each other, but Vega will appear and interrupt their battle. Defeat Vega, then end the game by losing a match and the Team Mode option will be unlocked.

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