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List of songs playables on this page:

01 qsound logo.vgz02 qsound logo 2.vgz03 opening.vgz04 credit.vgz05 player select.vgz06 versus.vgz07 stage sakura.vgz08 stage zangief.vgz09 stage ryu.vgz10 stage chun-li.vgz11 stage sodom.vgz12 stage birdie.vgz13 stage charlie (nash).vgz14 stage dan.vgz15 before final battle.vgz16 stage m. bison (vega).vgz17 stage end.vgz18 continue.vgz19 here comes a new challenger.vgz20 ending sakura 1.vgz21 ending sakura 2.vgz22 ending zangief 1.vgz23 ending zangief 2.vgz24 ending ryu 1.vgz25 ending ryu 2.vgz26 ending chun-li.vgz27 ending sodom.vgz28 ending birdie.vgz29 ending charlie (nash) 1.vgz30 ending charlie (nash) 2.vgz31 ending dan.vgz32 ending m. bison (vega).vgz33 before sagat vs ryu.vgz34 stage sagat vs ryu.vgz35 stage dhalsim.vgz36 stage rolento.vgz37 stage gen.vgz38 stage ken.vgz39 stage sagat.vgz40 stage guy.vgz41 stage adon.vgz42 stage rose.vgz43 stage akuma (gouki).vgz44 game over.vgz45 ranking display 1.vgz46 ranking display 2.vgz47 ending dhalsim.vgz48 ending rolento.vgz49 ending gen 1.vgz50 ending gen 2.vgz51 ending ken.vgz52 ending sagat.vgz53 ending guy.vgz54 ending adon 1.vgz55 ending adon 2.vgz56 ending rose.vgz57 ending akuma (gouki) 1.vgz58 ending akuma (gouki) 2.vgz59 credit roll 1.vgz60 credit roll 2.vgz61 credit roll 3.vgz