Street Fighter II' - Special Champion Edition [Model T-12016]

A 25-year-old Sega Genesis Game by Capcom USA, Inc.

Street Fighter II

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Street Fighter II' - Special Champion Edition © 1993 Capcom USA.

North American release. Game developed in Japan. For more information about the game itself, please see the original Japanese release entry; "Street Fighter II' Plus - Champion Edition [Model T-12033]".

Description from the US back cover:

From the corners of the globe come twelve of the toughest fighters to ever prowl the streets. Choose your champion and step into the arena as one of the eight original challengers or as one of the four Grand Masters! Pound your opponent as Balrog and knock them out for the count. Tower over your prey as Sagat and daze them with your awesome Tiger Shot. Slash your opponent with Vega's claw and send them running for cover. Or strike fear into your enemies as M. Bison, the greatest Grand Master of them all!

* Two games in one! Play Champion Edition or the new Hyper mode!
* 24 MEGS of heart stopping martial arts action!
* Choose from any of the 12 unique fighters. Each with their own unique fighting style and special attacks!
* Features a new Group Battle Mode. Only for the Sega Genesis!

For true arcade action, look for the Special Genesis Edition of the Capcom Fighter Power Stick. Coming Soon!


Cartridge ID: T-12016
Cartridge size: 24 Mb


Street Fighter II' - Special Champion Edition for Genesis was released on September 27, 1993 in North America.

In these Export versions, the original black fighter is replaced by another white fighter.

Mega Fun (Oct. 1993): 93/100
GamePro (Nov. 1993): 5/5
Game Players (Nov. 1993): 96/100
Edge (Nov. 1993) 8/10
Megablast (Dec. 1993): 75/100
Sega Force (Jan. 1994): 96/100
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Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] [US] (oct.13, 2008) [Model MCLE]

Street Fighter II' Special Champion Edition Plug 'n Play TV Game [US] (2004) by Radica Games

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