Street Fighter Alpha Anthology [Model SLES-54085]

A 12-year-old Sony PlayStation 2 Game by Capcom

Not emulated in MAME


Street Fighter Alpha Anthology © 2006 Capcom Company, Limited.

European release.

Compilation of 5 Capcom hits :
"Street Fighter Alpha - Warriors' Dreams" (1995)
"Street Fighter Alpha 2" (1996)
"Super Gem Fighter - Mini Mix" (1997)
"Street Fighter Alpha 2 Dash" (1998)
"Street Fighter Alpha 3" (1998)


Game ID: SLES-54085


Street Fighter Alpha Anthology for PlayStation 2 was released on July 7, 2006 in Europe.

"Street Fighter Alpha 2 Dash", unlike the other featured games in this collection, was originally exclusive to "Street Fighter Collection" for the Sega Saturn and the original PlayStation, and was never released in European arcades.