Stepping 3 Superior

A 19-year-old Arcade Video Game by Jaleco

Emulated in MAME !

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Stepping 3 Superior © 1999 Jaleco [Japan Leisure Co. Ltd.].


3 CGA-type monitors: 2 19" vertical (each side), 1 25"(?) horizontal monitor

6 light-up step pads per player, 2 player array

Neon lights that blink during the game: above the monitors and around speakers

Specialized 3-screen motherboard that mixes video off a PC running Windows 98 Japanese version for the 25" monitor.

PC: motherboard model# ?, two VGA connectors (one from motherboard for desktop screen, other from extra video card to play music videos), hard drive. No keyboard or mouse.

The PC is used to receive commands from the Jaleco motherboard and play music videos on demand. Music videos are stored on a hard drive. PC requires parallel hardware dongle to operate or a warning message will appear on the center screen, halting the entire game from operating.

When powered up, the Jaleco motherboard resets and waits for the PC to finish booting up. PC will boot Windows then run custom software Jaleco uses for playback.

CAUTION: the hard drive is sensitive to game vibrations. It is strongly suggested that the bass sounds must be kept at a minimal volume or turned off. (There are volume controls for Left, Right and SUB speakers.)

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