Steel Talons [Model PA2104]

A 26-year-old Atari Lynx Game by Atari

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Steel Talons © 1992 Atari Corp.

Warning lights flash on the control panel of your high-tech AT1196 Steel Talon combat helicopter. You know what that means! Your on-board sensors detect incoming missiles. You lower the helicopter to just a few feet of the ground to avoid disaster. Your eyes grow wide as you see an enemy tank appear suddenly, right in front of you, guns blazing. You press the trigger and pound the tank with a volley of rounds from your machine guns. BOOM! That's one less tank to worry about. As you rise to avoid the flying debris, a missile flies within inches of your tail rotor. That was a close one!
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Model PA2104


[FR] December 1992 - Consoles + N.15: 77%


Use the machine guns whenever possible. Only use missiles on very dangerous, long range targets. You only have eight, and you will need them. Rockets are more plentiful than missiles, but you will run out more quickly than you think.

The target sight may lock on a target that is behind a hill. If you fire at hidden targets, you may put a dent in a mountain, but you will not do any damage to the enemy. That's a real good way to waste a missile.

Use the map as often as possible. You cannot afford to waste time searching for targets. When you look at the map, notice the mountains, rivers and roads. Use them to navigate toward your target. If you fly over the edge of the map, you will wrap to the other side.

Watch out for the enemy radar message at the bottom of the screen. When this message appears, they'll start throwing everything they've got at you.

Dont't waste time flying slowly. You have to move if you want to win this war! Listen carefully to the instructions I will give you at the start of each mission. I will tell you what you must do to succeed.


Programmer: John Sanderson

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