Star Wars - Masters of Teräs Käsi [Model SLUS-00562]

The Sony PlayStation Game by LucasArts Ent.

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[CONSOLE] Sony PlayStation Game

Star Wars - Masters of Teräs Käsi © 1997 LucasArts Ent. Co.


Game ID: SLUS-00562


Released on November 1997 in the USA.

Export releases:
[EU] "Star Wars - Masters of Teräs Käsi [Model SLES-01111]"
[JP] "Star Wars - Masters of Teräs Käsi [Model SLPS-01464]"


Project Leader, Designer & Programmer: Tony Hsieh
Lead Engine & Animation Programming: Robert Blackadder
Optimization, Interface & Sound Programming: Nick Pavis
Lead Artist & Designer: Craig Rundels
Lead Gameplay Animator: Kevin Boyle
Gameplay Animators: Christina Napier, Suzanne House, Simon Allen, Jim Rice
Character Models: Craig Rundels, Cory Allemeier
2D Background Artist: Arnaud Mayet
Additional 2D Backgrounds: Brian Rich, Ron K. Lussier, Paul Mica, Marc Benoit
3D Background Artists: Lèa Mai Nguyen, Craig Rundels
Texture Artists: Cory Allemeier, Arnaud Mayet, Paul Mica
Sprites & In-Game Effects: Jim Rice
Art Technicians: Gwen Newton Musengwa, Albert Chen, Josef Richardson
Illustration & Concept Design: Cory Allemeier, Paul Mica
Hi‑Res Character Models: Lèa Mai Nguyen
Hi‑Res Textures: Arnaud Mayet
Cutscene Concepts: Craig Rundels, Garry M. Gaber
Cutscene Animation: Lèa Mai Nguyen, Jim Rice, Clint Young, Craig Rundels, Garry M. Gaber
Visual Effects Specialist: C. Andrew Nelson
Additional Programming: Darren Johnson, Eric Johnston
Additional Art Technicians: Armando Lluch, Chris Weakley, James Byers
Additional Art & Animation: Jon Knoles, Daniel Colon Jr.
Storyboard Artist: Paul Topolos
Production Manager: Camela Boswell
Production Coordinator: Lori Beck
Product Maketing Manager: Tom Byron
Original Music: John T. Williams
Sound Effects & Music Editing: David Levison
Additional Sound: Jeff Kliment
Lead Tester: Dana Fong
Testers: Deidre Anderson, John Buzolich, John Castillo, Leland Y. Chee, Bhagavat Farmer, Morgan Whitney Gray, Brent Jay Andaya Jalipa II, June Park, Jeff Sanders, Christopher John Snyder
Burning Goddessess/CD Archivists: Wendy Kaplan, Kellie Walker
Quality Assurance Manager: Mark Cartwright
Quality Assurance Supervisor: Dan Connors
Product Support Manager: Dan Gossett
Product Support Supervisor: Dave Harris
Voice Producer & Director: Darragh O'Farrell
Senior Voice Editior: Khris Brown
Assistant Voice Editors: Coya Elliott, Cindy F. Wong
Voice Production Coordinator: Peggy Barlett
Voice Department Manager: Tamlynn Niglio
Voice Talent: Bob Bergen (Luke Skywalker/Additional Voices), Lisa Fuson (Leia Organa), Edie Mirman (Arden Lyn/Additional Voices), Neil Ross (Han Solo/Additional Voices), Tom Wyner (Announcer), Clint Bajakian (Special Thanks), Peter McConnell (Special Thanks)
Voices Recorded at: Screenmusic Studios - Studio City California, LEC Recording Studio
Recording Engineers: Elliot Anders, Jeff Kliment
Assistant Engineer: Laurie Bean
Public Relations Manager: Tom Sarris
Public Relations Specialist: Heather Twist
Package Illustration: Cory Allemeier, Lèa Mai Nguyen
Manual Writers: Jason Yunker, Mollie Boero
Manual Design: Patty Hill
Motion Capture by: Industrial Light & Magic
Motion Capture Crew: Jeff Light (Motion Capture Supervisor), Mike Min (Motion Capture R & O), James Tooley (Kinematic Designer), Terry Chostner (Technical Operator), Julie Creighton (Development Coordinator), Bijan Forutanpour (Software Development), Deb Fought (Technical Assistant), Katie Baird (Production Assistant), David Valentin (Production Assistant), Diana Gazdik (Staff Accountant), Dani Morrow (Resource Assistant), Will Melick (Computer Engineer), Dan Large (Video Engineer), Mike McCabe (Production Services)
Motion Capture Talent: Matthew Berenberg, Gini Lau
Animation Crew: Trish Schutz (3D Animator), Brad Woods (3D Animator), Glenn Sylvester (3D Animator), Ken King (3D Animator), Suzie Tooley (Production Manager), Ken Maruyama (Manager - Digital Animation & Creature Development), Dawn Yamada (Special Thanks)
LEC Motion Capture Crew: Tony Hsieh (Director), Casey Donahue Ackley (Production Manager), Lori Beck (Production Coordinator), Tamlynn Niglio (Talent Producer), Peggy Bartlett (Talent Coordinator), Craig Rundels (Movement Consultant)
Special Thanks to: Lillian Hsieh, Kathy Hsieh, Jung Hsieh, Tracy Blackadder, Dean Blackadder, Jen Blackadder, Uncle Bud, Oksana Rundels, Sue Hatfield, Dee Hatfield, Casey Donahue Ackley, Ernest Musengwa, Charlotte Musengwa, Melissa Gaber, Jake Gaber, Roni Warlick, Randall Warlick, Peggy Stok, Catherine Durand, Facilities, Finance, Lucas Licensing Ltd, Krayt Weasell
Very Special Thanks to: George Lucas

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