Star Trek Voyager - The Arcade Game

A 15-year-old Arcade Video Game by Team Play

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Star Trek Voyager - The Arcade Game © 2003 Team Play.

The player is a member of Voyager's crew. The game play takes the player through a number of frantic firefights in several familiar Voyager environments. Throughout the game the player runs into characters from the show, each of whom may help guide the player along the way.

Star Trek Voyager is an arcade gun-shooting game in the grand tradition of "Area 51", "Virtua Cop" and "The House of the Dead". Unlike those games,'s populated by new alien adversaries designed exclusively for the Star Trek universe by the creators of General Chaos and "Rampage World Tour".


Star Trek Voyager - The Arcade Game the Arcade Video Game
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Named 'Video Game Of the Year 2002' by Wal-Mart Stores Inc., this pulse-pounding shoot-em-up, designed and developed by the trekkies at GAME REFUGE, can be found in finer arcades, movie theaters and entertainment centers everywhere!


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