Star Trek - The Motion Picture [Model HS-4110]

A 36-year-old GCE Vectrex by GCE

Emulated in MAME !

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Star Trek - The Motion Picture © 1982 GCE [General Consumer Electric]

Welcome, Captain Kirk, to your command on the Starship Enterprise. Your mission is to seek out and destroy the enemy Klingon Mothership. Travel through nine sectors of space, each more difficult, or take a shortcut through the Black Hole. Be careful... the Klingons and Romulans are hiding in space, waiting to destroy you at every turn!

You can select which of the first eight sectors contains the Black Hole, which is the shortcut to the enemy Klingon Mothership. When Game 1 appears on the screen, press button 2 to change the sector in which you want the Black Hole to appear. For example, if you press button 2 twice, Game 3 will appear on the screen. This will put the Black Hole in Sector 3. If you do not choose a particular sector, the Black Hole will be in Sector 1.


Model HS-4110

Joystick: Moves your ship through space from the pilot's view.
Button 1: No function.
Button 2: Power Link - Locks your ship on your Space Station door (to refuel) or in the Black Hole.
Button 3: Shield.
Button 4: Fire - at Klingons, Romulans, and their torpedoes.


Export releases:
[EU] [UK] "Star Ship [Model 8125]"


Shooting enemy torpedo: 300 points
Romulans and Klingons: 300 - 800 points (depending on distance)
Romulans and Klingons while banking: 1000 points
Klingon Mothership: 5000 points
Detroying all ships in a sector: 1500 points

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