Star Soldier [Model SHVC-SO]

Nintendo Famicom cart. published 36 years ago by Hudson Soft.

Star Soldier [Model SHVC-SO] screenshot

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Star Soldier © 1986 Hudson Soft [Hudson Group].

Star Soldier is a vertical shooter by Hudson Soft. A giant super computer called the Starbrain is poised to take over the galaxy. A pilot and his advanced space-fighter, the Caesar, are on the front line of battle and they are mankind's last hope against the imminent menace. The space fighter comes equipped with a Vulcan gun - the weapon can be upgraded to fire in multiple directions by collecting floating pods with a S stamped on them. The fighter can also gain a rotating shield and the almighty rapid-fire. Star Soldier is built around a score attack theme which focuses on achieving the highest score - consequently, levels are littered with tiles, large blocks and other destructive elements allowing the player to crank up his score. The game features sixteen stages each one capped by a Star Brain boss and, interestingly, each one of them must be destroyed within a time limit. If the player fails to do so then the Star Brain escapes and the stage has to be played through again. Another unusual gameplay element of Star Soldier is the ability to fly the Caesar underneath certain the background to avoid enemies - however the ship can't fire in this mode.




Star Soldier was released on June 13, 1986 in Japan for 4900 Yen.

Star Soldier was the second game to be featured at Hudson Soft's Caravan Festival. Called "Star Soldier - Special Version".

Export releases:
[US] "Star Soldier [Model NES-SO-USA]"


Change Graphics:
This cheat will work only if the Famicom's internal microphone is triggered on by loud voice. Once it has been triggered, press Select 5 times at the title screen. Now press and hold Left & B on the 2nd controller and Right & A on the 1st controller. Then, press Select & Start at the same time on the 1st controller to enable the cheat. Release buttons and press Start to start the game.

At the title screen, press Select 10 times. Now, press and hold Up & Left on the 2nd controller and Right, Down, A & B on the 1st controller, then press Start on 1st controller to enable the cheat. Release buttons and press Start to begin the game. You will now be invincible and you'll be able to switch weapons by pressing Select.

Powered Up Ship
At the title screen, press Select 10 times on Controller #1. Then, hold Down + Right on Controller #2. Then, hold Up, Left, A, B on Controller #1, finally press Start 2x on Controller #1.


Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com