Star Luster [Model NSL-4900]

A 33-year-old Nintendo Famicom Cart. by NAMCO

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Star Luster © 1985 Namco, Limited.

Star Luster is a strategy/first-person space shooter by Namco. In the year AG 307, the Bosconian empire waged a war against humanity, and left the survivors to scatter all across the universe. Peace has now returned but a new enemy is lurking on the horizon. Batts?ra, a mysterious entity from a different dimension, plots to obliterate human civilization. All but one pilot have perished, and Dan Heinick, on board the 'Gaia' star fighter, is humanity's last hope. The player pilots the ship and travels through a large area of space occupied by enemy formations (E), bases (B), planets (*) and asteroid fields (::). Dan can warp from one location of the galactic map to another at will (as long as his fuel supply allows it) in an attempt to destroy all the enemies he can find. However, enemy ships do also move and the player's secondary goal is to also defend Earth's bases and planets from relentless attacks. The Gaia comes equipped with a standard laser gun and a shield. However, the space fighter also features four critical components that can be damaged during combat - the Radar (RAD) allows the player to see enemy ships on a long range scanner and on the galactic map, the Aiming Computer (COM) displays a reticle at the center of the screen and offers an enemy targeting system, and the Engine (ENG) drives the shields and the ship's thrusters. Any action performed by the player (accelerating, warping or firing) consumes energy which must be periodically refilled by visiting one of the various bases scattered around the map. But Gaia has another weapon up in her sleeves - Dan can also fire a limited amount of long range photon missiles at any enemy on the galactic map without engaging them in combat. Star Luster features three play-modes - Training (simple first mission with only bases and enemies), Command (medium difficulty with planets and asteroid fields) and Adventure (the true mission of the game, each planet reveals a key in order to find and destroy Batts?ra).


Game ID: NSL-4900


Star Luster was released on December 06, 1985 in Japan for 4900 Yen.

The game was never released outside Japan.

This is the 12th title made by Namco for the Famicom.

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Game's description by Laurent Kermel;