Star Fox [Model 1003]

A 35-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by Mythicon, Inc.

Emulated in MAME !

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Star Fox © 1983 Mythicon, Incorporated.

PATROL COMMUNIQUE 4024/8: Friendly robot freighter downed on planetoid Beta-7 in your quadrant.

CARGO: Valuable trimetalisium energy crystals. Enemy star cruiser with fighter drones enroute to confiscate these highly valuable blue energy crystals.

MISSION: Recover as many crystals as possible. Destroy all enemy fighter drones you encounter. Intelligence reports that enemy is combat testing new models of these drones and will periodically replace them during melee.

MISSION STATUS: Critical. Expect extreme danger when penetrating orange atmosphere of Beta-7 planetoid. The energy crystals have ionized the gases to such an extent that your horizontal drives will be useless: you may not be able to move left or right at low altitudes. No further communication authorized. Good Hunting.


Model 1003


Ram enemy: 10 points
Shoot enemy: 100 points
Recover crystal: 200 points


Your search for crystals will be greatly reduced by flying rapidly to the right or to the left. If you do not come across a crystal within a few seconds reverse direction. This will generally being a crystal into view almost immediately.

You are most vulnerable when within Beta-7's atmosphere while recovering the trimetalisium crystals. Since trimetalisium possesses an extraordinary amount of energy, they float above the surface of Beta-7. To reduce the time you must remain within the atmosphere wait until the crystal is near the top of the gaseous layer. It is also helpful to dive into the atmosphere at an angle instead of dropping straight down. Since your landing gear will deploy automatically as soon as your ship's sensors detect Beta-7's atmosphere gases you will decelerate very rapidly. Pick-up the crystal and ascend to thinner air.


Programmer: Bruce de Graaf
Sound: Bill Bryner

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