Star Force [Model HFC-SF]

A 33-year-old Nintendo Famicom Cart. by Hudson Soft.

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Star Force © 1985 Hudson Soft [Hudson Group].

Star Force is a vertical shooter by Hudson Soft and conversion of Tecmo's arcade game originally released in 1984. In the year 2010, a mysterious planet named Gordess threatens the peace and stability of the cosmos. A fearless pilot on board the futuristic Final Star space fighter decides to take on the dangerous mission to defend humanity against the approaching menace. The goal of the game is to destroy the incoming enemy ships, ground structures and the countless bosses from each area. The Final Star essentially has only one weapon called the Star Beam. It starts out rather weak but can be upgraded along the way - the player can combine with another ship called the Purser and transform the Final Star to dramatically enhanc e and speed up the Star beam. Large ships called Alpha Targets appear at the end of each area and must be annihilated in order to move along to the next stage. This feature is at the core of the gameplay and stages can't be cleared without destroying these bosses. Smaller fortresses such as Larios also appear throughout the game and skillful shooting is necessary to take them down on time for the highest possible score.


Barcode: 4927713040498


Star Force for Famicom was released on June 25, 1985 in Japan for 4900 Yen.


[JP] Nintendo Game Boy Advance (jan.19, 2006) "Hudson Best Collection Vol.5 - Shooting Collection [Model AGB-B75J-JPN]"

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