Spy Hunter [Model 011-01]

Atari 2600 cart. published 40 years ago by SEGA Enterprises, Ltd.

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Spy Hunter [Model 011-01] screenshot

Spy Hunter © 1983 Sega.

Your Spy Hunter adventure starts as the Weapons Van rolls up from the bottom of the screen and pulls over to the shoulder of the road. The van stops and your Spy Car rolls out the back, armed with machine guns. You then maneuver your car onto the road as the action begins.

The road will branch and fork as you go. You must be careful as you dodge and chase enemy agents not to swerve off the road. If you do, you'll lose one of your Spy Cars. When you lose a Spy Car and you still have Spy Cars in reserve, a Weapons Van appears from the bottom of the screen and pulls onto the road shoulder to let the new Spy Car roll out the back and onto the road for more action. If you have no remaining Spy Cars, the game is over.

The terrain will change as you traverse the course. Screen backgrounds will change color as indication of a new terrain. As the course continues, you'll come to a waterway. Here your Spy Car enters a boathouse and automatically becomes a Spy Boat and skims along the surface of the water. Don't think you're safe because the water is teaming with other Enemy Agents. You can pause the game by stopping your Spy Car when two trees are on the screen at the same time.


Model 011-01

This game is played with the Dual Control Module, which enables you to join two joysticks together in one unit.


Programmer: Jeff Lorenz


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