Spriggan mark 2 [Model NXCD2008]

A 26-year-old NEC PC-Engine CD Game by Naxat Soft.

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Spriggan mark 2 © 1992 Naxat Soft.

Spriggan mark 2 is a horizontal shooter developed by Compile and published by Naxat Soft, and it is the spiritual sequel of Seirei Senshi Spriggan originally released in 1991. In a distant future, the Earth's human population has drastically increased, and humanity began to move out into space as a result. As humans colonize Mars, a war for territorial dominance of the red planet erupts. Spriggan Mark 2 begins on the Mars colony as armed forces land and suddenly attack without warning - the game's elaborate story leaps off from there, and ultimately takes the player back to Earth. The player takes control of Greg Irwin, an elite mech pilot - although he starts out the first couple of missions by controlling a Bartholomeu, he soon takes control of the Spriggan mark 2, a prototype mecha-fighter built from ancient technology discovered on Mars. The Bartholomeu comes first equipped with three interchangeable weapons - a standard Beam Cannon, Homing Missiles and a powerful Beam Saber which doubles as a temporary shield (weapons can be switched at any time by pressing Select). Beside, the game doesn't have any in-game weapon upgrades nor power ups - instead, the player can equip a different weapon configuration (from a total of six) at the beginning of each stage. However, this feature is only available when the player acquires the Spriggan Mark 2 at the end of the third level. All of the secondary weapons have limited ammunition and can only be replenish between levels, which requires the player to constantly and strategically re-evaluate which weapon to use. Spriggan mark 2 consists of eight levels, and the game's story unfolds primarily through a series of animated cutscenes and mission messages.
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Game ID: NXCD2008


Spriggan mark 2 was released on May 01, 1992 in Japan for 6800 Yen.

[FR] July 1992 - Joypad N.10: 76/100

Spriggan Mark 2 has absolutely nothing in common with Seirei Senshi Spriggan originally released in 1991. The first game was set in a fantasy world cleverly entwining ancient magic and technology. Spriggan Mark 2 appears to have a more traditional futuristic/sci-fi theme, reminding the likes of the Gundam and Macross animated series. Furthermore, the game is a side-scrolling shooter (whereas Seirei Senshi Spriggan was a vertical scroller) and the weapon system is far less elaborate. Finally, the game's story is heavily intertwined with the action - cutscenes and communications between pilots bookend the combat sections and advance the plot. Interestingly, the game's manual mentions that the Spriggan (and Spriggan Mark 2) mechas were actually created using ancient designs borrowed from an unknown and ancient civilization discovered on Mars - this is probably the only apparent connection between Seirei Senshi Spriggan and Spriggan Mark 2.

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