SpongeBob's Bikini Bottom Bowling

The Redemption Game by Chicago Gaming

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[COIN-OP] Redemption Game

SpongeBob's Bikini Bottom Bowling © 2007 Chicago Gaming Co.

In this video ticket redemption game, players select a character from the hit cartoon series. Players choose from SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Mr.Krabbs, Squidward or Plankton and roll a ball down the lane shown on the screen, with tickets rewarded based upon the number of knocked over pins. If a strike is rolled, play continues, and if the player manages three strikes in a row the ticket jackpot is awarded.

The machine features custom recorded speech by SpongeBob's voice artist, Tom Kenny, a new musical score composed specifically for the game, and colorful Nickelodeon character art.


SpongeBob's Bikini Bottom Bowling the  Redemption Game
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