Spirit of Prairies


A Slot Machine by Belatra

Spirit of Prairies screenshot

Not emulated in MAME


Spirit of Prairies © 200? Belatra.

Spirit of Prairies is a video poker with Magic Card.

You needn't travel half of the world to hear the call of the prairies and become a single whole with them. Spirit of Prairies provides you with an excellent opportunity to have a nice time in the company of Indians, play one or more games of poker and leave the American prairies being already extremely rich.


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Risk Game : A courageous European can participate in the Risk Game. Here five cards are distributed and the first card is opened. If thats the Magic Card all the closed cards are opened for 3 seconds. The first one changes for another and the gambler can try his luck and recall what he has managed to spy. If the player opens the Magic Card the win is not doubled, though multiplied by three.

Bonus Game : Five chiefs are peacefully smoking their pipes near the fire. One should guess which one doesn't intend to pass away after the next inhalation. In case the chosen chief manages to survive after breathing in the smoke the Bonus game goes on, otherwise it is over. The results of the lucky attempts are summed up.