Spiderdroid [Model FG1002]

A 31-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by Froggo Games

Emulated in MAME !

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Spiderdroid © 1987 Froggo.

It's the future, when droids do battle. You send your Spiderdroid in to capture a building by covering the structure with its unbreakable Droidweb. Your Spiderdroid lays down a web strand as it crawls along each girder. Once you have strung a web strand completely around an opening, the Spiderdroid flings a web over that opening. Your objective is to travel all the building's girders so the entire structure is caught in your Droidweb.

But watch out! The building is swarming with Birddroids out to have your Spiderdroid for lunch. If you get cornered, use your secret weapon! Press the Joystick's button to cast a magic spell that makes the Birddroids invisible and unable to eat you...but only for a few seconds. And remember each of your Spiderdroids can cast only four magic spells.

Once you capture the first building, it's time to send your advanced Mummydroid to capture the next one, which is guarded by a horde of Skeledroids!


Model FG1002

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