Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin [Model T-81028]

A 26-year-old Sega Game Gear Game by Flying Edge

Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin [Model T-81028] screenshot

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Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin © 1992 Flying Edge


[Model T-81028]


The title of the game on the Box is simply Spiderman.


* Venom's Suit: To equip Spidey with Venom's suit, start the game in "Nightmare" mode, and after you defeat the Lizard at the end of round 2, move to the right and fall into the pit where you can find the Lizard's key. Then, walk through the sewage to the bottom of the ladder, hold Down,and press 2 to make Spider-Man dive into the sewage. Press 2 again, and Spider-Man will leap out wearing Venom's suit.

* Full life: Begin game play in "Nightmare" mode. At the end of the third stage, after you defeat Electro, take the key from between the conductors, and jump down while holding Left. You'll receive a lot of life.

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