Speed Race Twin

Arcade Video game published 46 years ago by Taito

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Speed Race Twin © 1976 Taito.

One or two player driving game that features dependable solid-state circuity for longer life, authentic steering wheel, realistic sounds, oil slicks, guard rails and many other features to give you the feel of high speed racing.

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Height: 57 inches
Width: 30 1/3 inches
Depth: 42 1/3 inches
Weight: 221 lbs
Power: 175 W

Cabinet: Laminated melamine board


Released in April 1976 in Japan.


When one car crashes into the guard rail or an object car, it is automatically reset to the start position.
When a car occurs between the cars of the players, the car that is ahead at the moment of the impact will stay in position, while the other's is reset to the start position.
When contact is made with the round obstacles, one's car is bumped aside
When driving on the oil slick zone, if the steering wheel is turned rapidly, it will cause one's car to slide out of control.
The faster one drives, the higher the score.
Playing time is extended as the score reaches 2000, 4000 and 6000 points.


1. Speed Race (1974)
2. Speed Race Deluxe (1975)
3. Speed Race Twin (1976)
4. Super Speed Race (1977)
5. Super Speed Race V (1978)
6. Speed Race CL-5 (1980)
7. Super Speed Race GP V (1980)
8. Super Speed Race Jr. (1985)


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