Speed Race

Arcade Video game published 48 years ago by Taito

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Speed Race © 1974 Taito.

The player controls a race car along a constantly-scrolling vertical road. The player uses a steering wheel to move the car left or right, and an accelerator to make it move faster. The objective of the game is to drive past other cars that scroll past the players under a 90-second time limit without colliding into them.

Two difficulty modes are available that increase the speed of the cars and the number of cars on the track.

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Steering wheel
Accelerator pedal

The time limit and the player's score are displayed on an LCD panel placed above the monitor.


Released in November 1974 in Japan.

The original Speed Race is credited for being the first video game to feature a scrolling background as well as the first Japanese video game to be released in North America, where it was released by Midway under the name "Wheels [Model 591]" and "Racer [Model 592]", going on to sell over 7,000 arcade units in North America.

The game was the first in a long series that would basically release at least one sequel a year until 1980.


Points are earned by driving past cars, with additional points being awarded based on how fast the car is moving. Colliding with a car resets the player's speed and starts them at the beginning of the track. The game ends when the time limit runs out, though the timer can be extended by earning a certain number of points.


1. Speed Race (1974)
2. Speed Race Deluxe (1975)
3. Speed Race Twin (1976)
4. Super Speed Race (1977)
5. Super Speed Race V (1978)
6. Speed Race CL-5 (1980)
7. Super Speed Race GP V (1980)
8. Super Speed Race Jr. (1985)


Designed by: Tomohiro Nishikado


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