Spanky's Quest [Model SNS-HJ-USA]

A 26-year-old Nintendo Super NES Game by Natsume, Inc.


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Spanky's Quest © 1992 Natsume.

North American release. Game developed in Japan. For more information about the game itself, please see the original Japanese release entry; "Hansei Zaru Jiro-kun no Daibouken [Model SHVC-HJ]".

Teaser text from this American version:
Wicked witch turns fruits into monsters, Mopoland Population famished! Welcome to Mopoland, where the evil witch Morticia has cast an evil spell and turned all the fruits of the mighty kingdom into fiendish monsters. Spanky, our primate hero is on a quest. Armed with his magic ball, and his exceptional ball heading capabilities, Spanky must hunt down Morticia through six gruelling levels to liberate Mopoland, and save it's citizens from a certain famine.


Cartridge ID: SNS-HJ-USA


Beyond the questionable name choice, there are some interesting (and surprising) differences between the original Super Famicom version, and this western version. For some obscure reasons, the title screen was entirely changed. Then, the first world from the Japanese game has instructions in the background that guide the player through the gameplay system - this feature was entirely omitted here. However, the western game has the currently visited area indicated in large prints in the top-right corner of the screen (this part is a lot more subtle in the Japanese version). Additionally, the Japanese version has a world map that shows the various zones of the game - and this too was surprisingly removed (which is rather odd, this part of the game doesn't even display any Japanese text). Finally, the western version has an introduction sequence (that can't be skipped!) curiously not included in the Japanese release, whereas the latter features an animated sequence right before the last area as well as an ending sequence not included in the western version! There are probably a lot more subtle differences between the two versions, but it is anyone's guess as to why the game was substantially modified for the western release...
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