Spacechase [Model AP2001]

A 37-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by Apollo, Inc.

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Spacechase © 1981 Apollo

You left Planet Earth just moments ago for routine moon-based primary-satellite scout duty. You are commanding a squadron consisting of three heavily armed Mark 16 Starcruisers. Suddenly you are attacked by alien enemy raiders energizing from the ether... obviously molecularly energized from a distant galaxy. They fire neutron missiles which will destroy your Starcruiser upon impact.

Your mission is to destroy the alien enemy ships until reinforcements can arrive from Planet Earth. These arrive at the approximate rate of one Starcruiser every 10,000 points. The enemy's arsenal also consists of Lazer-Directed Heat-Seeking Proton Missiles which are fired sparingly.

WARNING As the battle progresses, the enemy grows desperate and fires the Lazer-Directed Heat-Seeking Proton Missiles more frequently.


Model AP2001


Minimum Heat-Seeking Missiles:
Each time you destroy a Level One alien ship, you score 125 points. A Level Two alien ship scores 200 points. A Level Three alien ship scores 275 points. Each time you hit an alien missile you score an additional 50 points.

When your score reaches 10,000 points, the game automatically switches to Level Two. At 40,000 points, the game automatically switches to Level Three. However, by utilizing the Game Select Switch as described in the Game Menu, you can begin to score directly on Level Two or Level Three

Although you can score more points at Levels Two and Three, it is more difficult to do because the alien ships are smaller and their missiles are faster.

Maximum Heat-Seeking Missiles:
If you are playing a game that include Maximum Heat-Seeking Missiles, the scoring is as follows: Level One: for each alien ship destroyed - 175 points. Level Two: for each alien ship destroyed - 250 points. Level Three: for each alien ship destroyed - 325 points. In addition, for each Heat Seeking Missile you destroy, you receive an additional 100 points.


Programmer: Ed Salvo
Sound: Bryon Parks

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