Space Wars [Model HS-4090]

A 36-year-old GCE Vectrex by GCE

Emulated in MAME !

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Space Wars © 1982 GCE [General Consumer Electric]

Who says there are no rules in intergalactic warfare. Pick your own bounce, expanded universe, black hole as you embark on a deadly dogfight.

You can select any of 7 different game play options. Each game play option determines the ship and bomb speed, as well as the type and amount of the sun's gravity.


Model HS-4090

Joystick: Rotates your destroyer.
Button 1: Select number of players.
Button 2: Hyperspace (and select game number).
Button 3: Thrust.
Button 4: Fire.


1 point is awarded each time your opponent is destroyed. The game ends when one ship has 10 points.

Game's ROM.