Space Invaders Pocket [Model ULJM-05015]

Sony PSP UMD published 17 years ago by Taito

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Space Invaders Pocket © 2005 Taito Corporation

Compilation of "Space Invaders" variants for the PSP :
- "Space Invaders Part II" (1979)
- "Return of the Invaders" (1985)
- "Majestic Twelve - The Space Invaders Part IV" (1990)
- "Akkanvader" (1995)


Game ID: ULJM-05015 (TCPS-10105)


Space Invaders Pocket for PSP was released on May 12, 2005 in Japan.

It was then released on the Japanese PlayStation Store on October 1, 2009 [Model NPJH-50089]. This re-issue was published by Square Enix.

Space Invaders Pocket was the first UMD released in Japan to include a BIOS version checker for the PSP.

"Majestic Twelve", as featured here, includes new content intended for its original arcade release.

Programming errors present in the original "Space Invaders" were intentionally reproduced.