Space Battle [Model 2612]

A 39-year-old Mattel Intellivision Game by Mattel Electronics

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Space Battle © 1979 Mattel Electronics.

Attack alert! 5 alien squadrons closing in on Mother ship. You have 3 squadrons with which to defend her. Check enemy positions on Radar Screen, then dispatch your squadrons. When they reach alien squadrons, GO TO BATTLE! Screen switches to Battle Screen. You move the gunsight to aim. You fire converging missiles. Watch out! The aliens shoot back. It's you against computer-controlled invaders. Only you can save the Mother Ship from disaster.


Model 2612


* Strategy Mode (radar screen)
1. Fight your own fights -- when the computer fights for you, you will probably lose more ships than if you fought the battle yourself. Rotate through your squadrons if more than one is engaged.

2. Stagger dispatches -- if you carefully time your squadron dispatching, you may be able to complete the first battle before your second squadron engages.

3. Don't let the radar screen fool you -- make your dispatch decisions based on the actual distances from the aliens to your mother ship. The rectangular layout on the game screen may cause you to misjudge the distance.

4. Win the battle but don't lose the war -- the instant one of your squadrons defeats an alien squadron, dispatch your squadron to another alien group or return it to base. Don't waste valuable time by leaving a squadron drifting aimlessly in space.

5. Hit them where it hurts -- if an alien squadron penetrates your home base territory, send in one of your squadrons. Keep the alien squadron busy and they'll have less striking power to use against your home base.

* Battle Mode
1. Practice aiming -- lead the ships with your cursor for best results.
2. Keep moving -- after firing, it's not necessary to keep your cursor on target. Your lasers will blast the spot at which they were fired. Move on to a new target, and keep mobile to avoid enemy lasers.
3. Avoid target fixation -- keep switching back to the radar screen to track alien progress.


Program: Hal Finney

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