Sonic the Hedgehog [Model 7076]

The Sega Master System Cart. by SEGA Enterprises, Ltd.

Sonic the Hedgehog [Model 7076] screenshot

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[CONSOLE] Sega Master System Cart.

Sonic The Hedgehog © 1991 Sega Enterprises, Limited.


europe/usa Game ID: 7076
usa Cover ID: 670-1706
europe Cover ID: 670-1706-50


Sonic the Hedgehog for Master System was released on October 25, 1991 in North America and Europe.

In addition to its cartridge release, it was built into some versions of the Master System II in Europe. The version that came built-in the Master System II console lacks credits. Because ROM chips were very expensive at the time, the credits were dropped to make room on the small ROM chip for the necessary BIOS routines for the console. By doing this, Sega avoided having to buy bigger and more expensive ROM chips for the console.

This was the last game released for the Sega Master System in North America.


Developed by: Ancient (Japan)

Game Program: Shinobu Hayashi
Graphic Design: Ayano Koshiro, Takefuni Yunoue
Sound Producer: Masato Nakamura
Rearrange and Original Music: Yūzō Koshiro
Special Thanks: Yoshio Yoshida (Yoshio Y), Kenji Shintani (Lunarian SG)


Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] usa (aug.4, 2008) [Model LAGE]
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] japan (aug.5, 2008) [Model LAGJ]
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] europe australia (sept.19, 2008) [Model LAGP]

Game's ROM.

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