Sonic the Hedgehog 2 [Model G-4088]

Sega Mega Drive cart. published 31 years ago by SEGA Enterprises, Ltd.

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 [Model G-4088] screenshot

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 © 1992 Sega Enterprises, Limited.

The nefariously evil scientist Dr. Ivo Robotnik is at it again with his demented goal to conquer the world by forcing innocent animals to become evil 'badniks' (by that i mean, his robots). and only one speedy hedgehog is eager enough to put a stop to Robotnik's scheme and his name is Sonic The Hedgehog. and this time he's not alone, Miles Prower (miles per hour, get it?) The Fox who's commonly known as 'Tails' because he has 2 tails which enable him to fly has decided to tag along with Sonic in order to bring peace back to the planet.

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Game ID: G-4088
Cartridge ID: 670-2656
Cover ID: 670-2657


Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was released on November 21, 1992 in Japan. Retail price: 6800 Yen.

Just like Sonic, Tails's real name, Miles Prower, is a reference to speed (miles per hour).

Sonic the Hedgehog 2's ending music is based on the song 'Sweet Dream' by 'Dreams Come True'. In addition a remixed version of the ending music is performed by 'Dreams Come True' and rapper Akon in Sonic The Hedgehog (the 2006 version).

The final stage's name (Death Egg) is a reference to the Death Star from the Star Wars film series.

Sonic's transformation into Super Sonic is inspired by the anime Dragon Ball Z.

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The Hidden Palace Zone, which is in the beta versions, but not the final release, was used extensively in previews. One controversial topic among Sonic fans is a mysterious screenshot of what appeared to be a desert that popped up in various gaming magazines prior to the game's release. While many believe it to be a mock-up or a clever hoax, there are others who note elements of the screenshot do in fact appear in the beta, and some conceptual drawings imply that a desert level did, in fact, exist at one point. (One title of a drawing even says 'Desert Level' in Japanese.) Still, there are those who insist this is nonsense.


* Stage Select : Under the 'Sound Test' menu, listen to sounds 19, 65, 09, and 17 in order; you'll hear a chime when you activate the last sound. Next, return to the title screen, highlight '1 Player', hold A and press Start to access the stage-select menu.

* Chaos Emeralds Cheat : At the Stage Select menu, highlight 'Sound Test' and listen to sounds 04, 01, 02, and 06 in order; you'll hear the fanfare that sounds when you get a Chaos Emerald. This code gives you all of the Chaos Emeralds; you can grab 50 rings and jump to change into Super Sonic. With this you'll be able to see the 'good' ending when you beat the game.

* Debug Mode : At the Stage Select menu, highlight 'Sound Test' and listen to sounds 01, 09, 09, 02, 01, 01, 02 and 04 in order; you'll hear a chime to confirm. Now highlight the name of any stage, hold the A button and press Start; don't release A until the stage begins. Screen coordinates will appear instead of a score and the number of objects displayed will appear instead of the time remaining. Use one of the following buttons sequences to enable the corresponding debug code...
Object transformation : Press B during game play to change Sonic/Tails into a game object.
1) Press A to change into a new object.
2) Press C to place an object on the screen.
3) Press B again to revert back to Sonic (Note : The type of object that may be selectable will vary from level to level).
Invincibility : Sonic/Tails is, by default, invincible in debug mode (Note : Sonic/Tails can still drown, be crushed, fall and die, etc. He is only invincible to enemy attacks).
Slow motion : Pause gameplay and hold B.
Restart : Pause gameplay and press A.
Frame advance : Pause gameplay and press C.


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[JP] Sega Saturn (june.20, 1997) "Sonic Jam [Model GS-9147]"
Nintendo GameCube [JP] (dec.19, 2002) "Sonic Mega Collection [Model DOL-GSOJ-JPN]"
[JP] Microsoft XBOX (dec.9, 2004) "Sonic Mega Collection Plus [Model ZD6-00003]"
[JP] Sony PS2 (dec.9, 2004) "Sonic Mega Collection Plus [Model SLPM-65758]"
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] [JP] (june.19, 2007) [Model MBBJ]


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