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Sonic Fury

WoW Action Max VHS published 33 years ago by World of Wonders

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Sonic Fury © 1987 World of Wonders.

Prepare for action. You're flying in one of the Air Force's most elite squadrons: Sonic Fury.

It's high noon. The California desert. Your squadron flies fast and low in perfect formation then streaks skyward, Lt Commander Lance Alabam Tucker heads up the force. You're in the cockpit of SONIC FOUR.

Watch out! The routine training mission suddenly becomes real. In seconds you're in the midst of a dangerous encounter that could make Air Force history.

Above you, three fast-flying enemy aircraft appear in a V formation, and are heading straight for you. Instantly you're in the action. Lock-on. Fire! Fire! Bogey at 2 o'clock and closing fast... Non-stop excitement. Non-stop action. Are you ready for the challenge?
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Producer & Director: Dan Kline
Executive producer Ross F. Hail

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