Solitary Fighter

Arcade Video game published 32 years ago by Taito Corp.

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Solitary Fighter screenshot

Solitary Fighter © 1991 Taito Corporation.

Six street toughs battle for prize money in an underground fighting competition. Some stages have weapons to throw at the opponent. DOGOOOOOON!


Runs on the "Taito F2 System" Hardware.
Prom Stickers: C91

Screen Orientation: Horizontal

Players: 2
Control: 8-Way Joystick
Buttons: 3
=> Punch, Jump, Kick


Solitary Fighter was released on February 27, 1991.

The game is the same as Violence Fight except for onscreen UI tweaks (diferent life & power meters) but also at random times a woman carrying a knife appears in the battle and stays close you the fighters, waiting to randomly attack the player before retreating. She can be attacked like an enemy to drive her off though.


1. Violence Fight (1989)
2. Solitary Fighter (1991)


Game Programmers: Takeshi Ishizashi, Akio Uematsu, PZR400 Mom
Game Designers: Takao Horiuti, Masakazu Iwahashi
Character Effects: Lin Chinkai
Sound Designers: Kazuko Umino (Zuntata)
Hard Designer: Takashi Ohara
Character Designers: Takashi Yamada, Keisuke Nishioka, Creamy Tetsu, Bin Kaneko
Designer: Hiroyasu Nagai
Special Thanks: G C Hamer, Osaka RD


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