A 19-year-old Arcade Video Game by F2 System

Not emulated in MAME


Solitaire © 1999 F2 System.

This game is to set all the cars which are on the screen deck in the order of from small digit to large digit and placing to the up-right of the deck within 250 seconds. In this game, you can move one card at one time, two cards at one time, even can three cards at one time. You get two ways to move cards as below: You may move the cards from up-left deck into the below large deck in order of from large digit to small digit, card's color must be different like red and black in turn, you may also register your cards Into the up-right deck in the order of from small digit to large digit in the same colored cards. If the opened card located in the up-left deck is moved, the card next one will be opened automatically. After you choose a card and open it, if there is a possible card to be lined up, the digit lamp will be shining. You move cards successfully to the proper place within a certain time, the score will be raised up and goes to next stage naturally. If the score can be reach 5,000-60,000, you may get a gift you chosen.


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Released in March 1999.