A 17-year-old Arcade Video Game by Konami

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Sogeki © 2001 Konami Corp.


Sogeki the Arcade Video Game
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Main CPU : MPC8240 (@ 200 Mhz)


Released in May 2001.

This game is known in the U.S. as "Silent Scope EX".


* Bonus Girl Locations : Put these girls on your scope to gain a 10% life boost...
Building - 1st area, bottom right corner of building, will move to middle right part of building
Boat - 1st area, top right corner of boat on roof
Airplane - 1st area, standing directly right of ambulance
Patrolled Route - 2nd area, parachuting on top right corner, will move towards top left corner
Low Alt. Route - 4th area (the one with cars), parachuting at top right corner, will move towards top left corner
President Speech - far left of screen, standing right above the limousine
President Parade - directly northwest of the 6th suspect (the one in the rightmost building)
President Drive - right after you pass the 1st set of bridges, on a green advertisement sign with the girl on it on the side of the road
Helicopter Attack - 3rd area, middle right section of the train
4WD Jeep Attack - 3rd area, far right section of the train
Hang Glider Sneak In - 1st area, on the westmost edge of the pillar near the ladders, will walk towards the north side of pillar
Cargo Sneak In - area where the truck passes by, directly east of you
Underwater Sneak In - 3rd area, swimming right above the leftmost rock
Enemy's Main Base - 1st area, must shoot the eastmost door, girl will be behind door after it's shot open

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