Snow Brothers [Model NES-7L-USA]

A 27-year-old Nintendo NES Cart. by Capcom USA, Inc.

Snow Brothers [Model NES-7L-USA] screenshot

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Snow Brothers © 1991 Capcom USA, Inc.

Snowing the enemy is a Real Ball!

Wheeee! Get ready for an avalanche of action! The madcap Snow Brothers are slippin', slidin' and slingin' snowballs, turning a mountain of ice foes into ice pops!

Evil King Scorch has kidnapped the shimmering Frost Princesses, and is about to take over Snow Land. He's trapped the Snow Brothers, Nick and Tom, in an ice-house full of freezing baddies. The two cool crusaders sling a slug of snow at their captors to chill them out. But to escape, they've got to ice the Abominable Snow Boss!

-Shivering-hot action for one or two players.
-Ice foes get bigger, badder, and better at catching you.
-Grab hot sauce and cool treats for big bonus points.




Released in November 1991 in the USA.

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