Snoopy Pong

Non-Coin Game published 47 years ago by Atari, Inc.

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Snoopy Pong © 1974 Atari.



This game is housed in a red 'Snoopy' dog house with 'Snoopy Pong' labeled in white at the bottom. Snoopy is lying on his back on the roof. There is no coin slot since the player simply pushes the start button to begin a game.

Due to obvious copyright issues, the game was never released or test marketed.

It is believed that only one of these games was ever created due to licensing issues. Later versions were released as "Puppy Pong". Even after the cosmetic changes were made to the cabinet, Charles Schultz said the new game still looked too much like Snoopy's dog house.

This is the same game as "Dr. Pong" and "Puppy Pong" but in a different cabinet.


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