Snakez n Ladders

The Fruit Machine by Red Gaming, Ltd.

Not emulated in MAME


[COIN-OP] Fruit Machine

Snakez n Ladders © 2007 Red Gaming, Limited.


Snakez n Ladders the  Fruit Machine
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Horizon Cabinet
Category C game


Released in October 2007.


• Play on 50p play for all numbers to be doubled.

• Play 50p Mega Game fand any number will be x 8.

• Five consecutive trail helds awards a skill shot on the nudges, how fast are your reactions!

• Watch out for cancel to light when bonus is awarded, press this for a skill selection.

• Reach lit upgrade positions to increase your steps value, add cash into the safe and turn extra features red.

• When gambling use the ladderz to climb higher up the board but watch out for snakez as they will send you back down.

• Getting one of each colour bonus splats awards a super bonus, can you use your skill and move yourself a long way up the trail.

• 3 of the same colour hidden boxes will give a skill selection on the hidden features.

• All the hidden features work on the coins, there are features such as coin drop, crazy coins and snake yer looty!

• Cash shots from the hidden features awards a number of shots on the coins depending on the number on the reel.

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