Snafu [Model 3758]

Mattel Intellivision Game published 38 years ago by Mattel Electronics

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Snafu © 1981 Mattel Electronics.

The contest is on! Create a maze to corner your opponents... before you are cornered yourself. Split-second reflexes keep your trail in motion -- while blocking your opponent and/or the computer in a trap from which there is no escape. Or direct a hungry serpent after your opponent, and bite his tail off before he bites yours. It's a twisting tangle which only the swift survive. 16 game variations put you in control.

Trap Games (12 variations) -- To keep your trail moving without colliding -- and to block your opponents' trails so that they are forced into collisions. Trails that collide with others, with the edge of the picture, with obstacles or themselves are eliminated.

Bite Games (4 variations) -- To make contact between the head of your serpent and the tail of your opponent's serpent, biting off one link with each contact. The winner is the surviving serpent.


Model 3758


Direct your trail so that it always has room to keep moving freely. At the same time, try to block your opponents so that they are forced into a collision. If a trail collides with the edge of the picture, with an obstacle, with another trail or with part of itself, it is eliminated from the round. Depending on game variation, eliminated trails may disappear or remain on screen as additional obstacles.

Maneuver your serpent to make contact between the head of your serpent and the end of your opponent's serpent's tail, "biting" off one link. Each serpent starts with 10 links. A serpent can grow a new link (up to a maximum length of 20), if it is not bitten within a certain length of time. The time required to grow a new link depends on the speed at which you are playing.
Fast speed -- approx. 20 seconds
Medium Fast speed -- approx. 27 seconds
Medium speed -- approx. 33 seconds
Slow speed -- approx. 40 seconds

If a serpent runs into the edge of the picture and doubles back on itself, it will lose one link. Display at the bottom of the screen shows how many links each serpent has left. The game is over when a serpent loses all its links. The winner is the surviving serpent.


Program, Graphics and Sound: Mike Minkoff
Music: Russ Lieblich

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