Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey [Model 9003]

Mattel Intellivision Game published 32 years ago by INTV

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Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey © 1987 INTV.

Score more goals than your opponent. Each goal scores 1 point. Game ends after three 20 minute periods (no overtime).


Model 9003


* Credits automatically display if no action is taken on the title screen.

* A hard, long shot can knock the goalie down. While the goalie is down, the net is defenseless! Regain control of the puck and shoot!

* Although illegal, you can frequently get away with tripping a player without the puck. Tripping a player set to receive a pass gives you a chance to steal the puck -- if you're willing to risk getting caught.

* To get around an opposing player, try passing the puck directly to him! As soon as he gets possession, trip him, steal the puck back, and keep moving! Similarly, let the opposing player take the puck in a face-off, then trip him and steal the puck! Take advantage of the time the player is down!


Program: Ray Kaestner

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