Skyhammer [Model CF3001]

Atari Jaguar Cart. published 19 years ago by Songbird Productions

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Skyhammer © 2000 Songbird Productions.

In the mid-21st century, power-hungry corporations rule the streets of the largest cities. You have been employed by Cytox as a Skyhammer pilot to protect its corporate investments. You will undertake a wide variety of missions to prove your ability and ensure long-term revenues for Cytox.

Skyhammer was developed exclusively for the Atari Jaguar by famed Jaguar and PC developer Rebellion. The game features full-freedom 3D motion, nonlinear missions that allow you to reach objectives and repair your craft according to your decisions, and enough missiles, cannons, counter-measures, and bombs to repel any foe.


Model CF3001


For many years, Skyhammer existed only in flash rom format. Telegames was thinking of releasing it but it's a 32MB cartridge. They said the selling price would be USD$100 because of that larger cartridge size, so they didn't want to produce it. Songbird Productions released the game in 2000 as a regular cart.


In dock, type *09101993# to get 50K credits, all weapons and promotion to next city.
Note: this number is the date the programmer got married.

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