Skiing [Model AG-005]

The Atari 2600 Cart. by Activision, Inc.

Emulated in MAME !


[CONSOLE] Atari 2600 Cart.

Skiing © 1980 Activision.

Slalom Runs
Game 1: 20 gates, Novice run.
Game 2: 40 gates, Intermediate run.
Game 3: 30 gates, Expert run.
Game 4: 50 gates, Olympic run.
Game 5: 30 gates, a new Expert run every time you select Game 5.

Downhill Runs
Game 6: 200 meters, Novice hill.
Game 7: 300 meters, Intermediate hill.
Game 8: 500 meters, Expert hill.
Game 9: 900 meters, Olympic hill.
Game 10: A new 900-meter Olympic hill every time you select Game 10.


Model AG-005


Tips from Bob Whitehead, designer of Skiing:

"The keys to success in Skiing by ACTIVISION, just as in real skiing, are learning to control the tips of your skis and anticipating and avoiding trouble."

"Keep your skis pointed as straight down the hill as possible. The less you traverse across the slope, the faster you'll make it to the bottom."

"Pick your line through the trees and gates by constantly looking ahead of your position toward the bottom of the screen. When you see the next set of trees and/or gates, point your skis to miss the trees or pass through the gates. Of course, the more you ski any particular hill, the more familiar with it you will become. To get the fastest times, you must memorize the run and ski the shortest possible route down the hill or through the gates."

"When you want to maneuver, I suggest you tap your Joystick lightly to the right or left to move your skis or change direction, rather than push heavily on the stick. There are 8 different positions for your skis and 15 different directions you can go (downhill plus two possible angles for each left or right ski position)."

"We're organizing an Activision Ski Team. To qualify, you must run slalom course 3 (Game 3) in under 28.2 seconds. If you break that time, send us a picture of the screen and we will enroll you as a member. And if you break 28 seconds, consider yourself Olympic caliber."

"Of course, not everyone wants to ski down a hill in record time. Some of you may just like to ski back and forth and down the hill at your own pace. Go ahead, if you wish."

"I really had a great time working on Skiing by ACTIVISION. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed designing it. Have fun and God bless!"


Programmer: Bob Whitehead

Game's ROM.

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