Six Daysmen

A Coin-op Trade Stimulator by Unknown

Impossible to emulate.


Six Daysmen © 19?? Unknown.


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The text at the bottom of the machine is french language :
[INSTRUCTIONS - Mettez une pièce française de 25 centimes percée sur le cycliste de votre choix. Si le cyclyste choisi arrive en position Gagnant, vous recevrez un jeton de 75 centimes. S'il arrive en position Placé, vous recevrez un jeton de 50 cent. Cette machine est conforme à...]

Which can be translated in English to :
[INSTRUCTIONS - Put a french 25 cents coin on the cyclist of your choice. If the chosen cyclist reach the Winner position, you will receive a 75 cents token. If he reach the Placed position (supposed to mean the second position), you receive a 50 cents token. This machine comply with ... (unreadable)]

Machine's picture.