Sir Cash A Lot

A 10-year-old Slot Machine by Voyager Gaming Technologies

Not emulated in MAME


Sir Cash A Lot © 2008 Voyager Gaming Technologies.


Voyager eXplorer hardware.


The game's name is a play on 'Sir Lancelot'.

Unlike conventional slot games, the symbols pay downwards in each reel, in a similar fashion to "break-open" tickets; the player wins vertically in the three positions rather than lining up symbols across different reels. The five reels simply act as five different games played as once.

In Victoria (Australia), this game is under a different gaming classification and is not included with other machines in a gaming venue (it is usually outside the 18+ area or in the TAB (horse racing) section, but is still an adult game with no minors allowed to play). Each game prints out a ticket, whether a winning game or not.