Sinclair ZX81

Computer published 38 years ago by Sinclair Research

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Sinclair ZX81 © 1981 Sinclair Research, Limited.

A home computer built in the United Kingdom as the successor of the ZX80.
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* CPU: Zilog Z80A 3.5 MHz
* RAM: 1 KB (901 bytes available, up to 64 KB)
* ROM: 8 KB
* Text Modes: 32 x 24 (but 2 lines are reserved for system messages and commands)
* Graphic Modes: 64 x 44
* Colors: Black and white
* Sound: None
* I/O Ports: Zilog Z80 Bus, tape, video
* Keyboard: Touch-sensitive keyboard, 40 keys
* Built In Language: Sinclair Basic


The ZX81 was released on March 05, 1981.

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