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This 5-reel video slot with 21 winning lines leads you to the distant lands of icy Sibir. Here you will participate in 'Drink Competition', fight for a 4-level jackpot and win a lot of free games! Enter the mystic and enigmatic Sibir - i's full of surprises!


Gaming board Pluto 6 DV
Two video cards


* Double-up game : 5 playing cards appear on the screen. The card on the left is the dealer's card. The player selects one of the remaining 4 cards. If the player's card has a higher value than the dealer's the win is doubled and the player can play the double-up game again. If the player's card has a lower value he loses his win and returns to the main game. If the selected card is equal in value to the dealer's the winning is paid out as follows :
From 2 to 8 - the dealer wins
From 9 to Ace - the player wins
The maximum number of gamble games depends on the total bet.
Total bet x 200 = Maximum winning
The dealer's card can be changed up to 3 times if microswitch SW2_4 is switched on. If the player doesn't like any of the three cards he can quit the double-up game by simply pressing the Start button which will take him to the main game.

* Free games : When 5 'Free games' symbols appear on an active payline the player has the chance to select one of them. The number of the free games is equal to the figure shown on the symbol. If the player finds another symbol 'Free games' while playing, the figure shown on the symbol is added to the current number of free games and the game continues automatically. The maximum number of free games is 15. Each free game is winning. The minimum win during the 'Free games' play is equal to the total bet of the player.

* 'Hunter' Symbols : When 3, 4 or 5 'Hunter' symbols appear on active payline, the winning of the payline is multiplied by the number of the shot ducks including the 'wild' symbol if it is on the payline.

* 'Scatter' : The game is triggered when 3, 4 or 5 golden fish appear on the screen. The payer selects one of them and which shows the winning. The player may gamble for his winning by playing the double-up game. The winnings are dependant on the total bet.

* 'Drink Competition' bonus game : When 2 winning symbols appear on the 1-st and 5-th reel the bonus game 'Drink competition' starts. The player has the chance to choose among 5 bottles of alcohol. Each bottle that the player drinks contains a certain sum, dependent on the kind of its alcohol content as well as the player's total bet. All sums, won during the game are accumulated. The game continues till the player gets drunk and falls under the table. Sometimes, triggered on random basis, the character can be refreshed by his wife and then the game goes on.
The maximum winning during this game is 300x total bet.

* Beat the Wall for Lucky 4 Cash Jackpot : This is Bonus game for 4 level Progressive Jackpot 'Lucky 4 Cash' and is randomly activated. The player must break 25 pieces of an wall, each one giving certain number of scores, that are summarized together.
When 'Collect' symbol is opened the game is over.
The jackpot won during the game depends on the total number of the player’s scores :
From 0 to 34 – Bronze
From 35 to 64 – Silver
From 65 to 99 – Gold
100 – Platinum
The winning is automatically added to the player's credit...