Shuttle Orbiter [Model 50040]

A 35-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by Avalon Hill Video Game, The

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Shuttle Orbiter © 1983 Avalon Hill.

You are the pilot of the space shuttle Challenger. Your mission is to complete the construction of a space station in as short a period of time as possible. There are ten sections remaining to be transported to and installed in the space station. The sections are available at the orbiting Factory. Additional fuel is available at the orbital Depot.


Model 50040


Any time the shuttle hits the Factory, Depot, Space Station, or debris it will be damaged and leak fuel. The greater the number of hits, the greater the rate of fuel loss.

Any time the Challenger hits an object there is at least a 25% chance you will damage your cargo. Due to packing constraints, if you are carrying two sections and hit an object, you will definitely damage one section – possibly both. You can only examine the sections at the Factory or Space Station. If the section has no prongs on the right-hand side, it is damaged and cannot be used. If one of the two sections being carried is damaged, the good section will be brought out first by the astronaut.

The shuttle consumes more fuel carrying two sections (damaged or not) than carrying one section, and more fuel carrying one section than with no cargo.

Only one refueling should be necessary for the truly proficient pilot.


Programmer: Bill Hood
Cover Photo by the NASA.
Graphics: Jean Baer
Typesetting by Colonial Composition.
Prep. Dept. Coordinator: Elaine Adkins
Printing by Monarch Services.

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