Shock Wave - Operation Jumpgate

V.R. game published 27 years ago by Antares Virtual Reality Systems

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Shock Wave - Operation Jumpgate screenshot

Shock Wave - Operation Jumpgate © 1995 Antares Virtual Reality Systems.

The previous alien invasion did not last long. However, Earth as we know it was almost decimated. Recently, a similar alien presence has been detected within Earth's solar system and the United Nations is counting on you to lead the solar assault. Combat experience hardened your soul. The smell of fear honed your senses. Victory over the first wave of aliens gave you hope and courage, now you must destroy the remaining aliens before they return to Earth!


Reality Sled hardware

Type of Interface: POD based, Window on the world
Physical posture: Sit-down
Motion of the platform: 2 DOF
Computer platform: 3DO & PC
Type of display: Virtual IO iglasses
Tracking: Virtual IO
Size of the unit: 4x4x7
Unit Description: The Reality Sled is a high-fidelity, 2 DOF hydraulic motion platform. It is fully compatible with the 3DO gaming system. ALL 3DO GAMES ARE SUPPORTED by the Reality Sled including ShockWave by Electronic Arts, VR Stalker by Morpheus Interactive, Total Eclipse by Crystal Dynamics.

- Type of sound: stereo, also 3D rendered
- Music background: yes

Network Information:
- Max. number of units networked locally: 256
- Max. number of units networked remotely: 32

Control: 8-way joystick, head tracker


This game was developed by Electronic Arts.


Panasonic 3DO (1995)


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Official website: http://www.avrs.com/antares/3do/3do.html