Shock Wave

Arcade Video Game published 24 years ago by Altare Advanced Technologies

Not emulated yet.


Shock Wave © 1995 Altare Advanced Technologies.

You are Wildcard, a rookie pilot that has just been transferred to the Omaha, a space station orbiting the Earth. Suddenly, the Omaha's radar screens are filled with thousands of unidentified objects, and communications between the station and Earth are apparently being jammed. The only course of action is for the Omaha to launch its own strike against the aliens and hope for the best.


X-O-Tron VR hardware

Type of interface: Imersive -HMD-
Physical posture: Straight inside the Gyroscope (so you can end-up up side down!)
Motion of the platform: Gyroscope: Full 360-degree rotational capability on 3 axis
Computer platform: 3do platform
Type of display: Optics 1
Tracking: directional sensors on the gyroscope
Size of the Unit: 10 x 10 x 10
Unit description: 3 ring Gyroscope. Totally portable, with professional trailer package available.

Graphical Information:
-Texture mapping capability: yes
- Other graphical info: full RISK high-speed graphics computer systm, internally mounted

- Type of SoundFull digital stereo sound (Not 3D)
- Music Background: Yes

Other Technical Description:
- World's first totally wireless & self-contained

Virtual Reality systems! The X-O-Tron uses no AC power.
- Operates for up to a full 16 hours on rechargeable gel cell batteries.
- Wireless video output from X-O-Tron VR pod to external video monitors.

Control: Buttons on non moving joystick / Control by the ring motion


This game was developed by Electronic Arts.


Panasonic 3DO (1995)

Machine's picture.