Shining Force II - The Sword of Hajya [Model 2524]

A 24-year-old Sega Game Gear Game by SEGA Enterprises

Shining Force II - The Sword of Hajya [Model 2524] screenshot

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Shining Force II - The Sword of Hajya © 1994 Sega Enterprises, Limited.


[Model 2524]


* Difficult Mode: During the Sega logo, press Down x5. A sound will confirm the code and the message Excelent will appear at the title screen.

* Rename All Characters: To rename the Cypress's prince, confirm the name of the main character with START+2. To rename other characters of the game, confirm the name of the Cypress's prince with START+2.

* Mime Show Ticket: During the fifth battle, search the well next to the house to find the ticket. This will give you access to see the Mime Show at the end of the game.

* Secret Characters, 1: At battle 18, search the wall in front of your main character when the battle starts to find Higgins.

* Secret Characters, 2: At battle 21, search the stone pillar in front of the starting point to find Rush.

* Sound test: First, finish the game. Now, when you start or restart a game, hold Up+START when the narrator says the last words to access the Sound Test.

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