Shin Hokuto Musou [Model BLAS-50556]

A 6-year-old Sony PlayStation 3 Game by KOEI

Not emulated in MAME


?????? © 2012 Koei Co., Ltd.

(Shin Hokuto Musou)

Though the gameplay in Ken's Rage 2 remains similar to its predecessor, the game serves as a departure from Ken's Rage in that it is much more in line with other Dynasty Warriors titles. Enemies come in considerably larger hordes, and movement and combat have been vastly accelerated. The option to jump has been removed (save for certain situations where the game allows it) in favor of a dodging system, something that not all characters could do in the first game. Signature Moves are no longer announced mid-battle in order to keep gameplay flowing at a constant rate, and the various Hyper Moves have been dropped or merged with the characters' movesets.


Game ID: BLAS-50556


Shin Hokuto Musou was released on December 20, 2012 in Japan for 8,190 Yen.